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1945, the Voirin family started to create their first bottles of Champagne. At the same time, Mr. René Jumel, married to Mrs Richomme, started to sale their trucks to buy vineyards. 


The tradition wants that the wife stays in her village. Therefore, even though Mr Gilles Voirin was from a Grand Cru Vineyard, he had to leave his native village, Chouilly (3km of Cramant!), to meet Mrs Francoise Jumel. Both from a vigneron family, in the middle of the Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, they decided to gather their harvests, the Gilles Voirin Champagne had been created.



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In Champagne, a lot of families give their name to their Champagne : The husband's name followed by the wife's name. Gilles Voirin and Françoise Jumel followed the Champagne tradition when their 2 children, Patrick and Alice, were about 10 years-old. Here was born the Voirin-Jumel Champagne.


The Voirin-Jumel's House has grown up since these last 15 years. Now, Alice and Patrick Voirin, brother and sister, work together and dynamize the Voirin-Jumel Champagne with a perfect concord : Alice handle the commercialisation of the Champagne and Patrick its production


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