The Voirin Jumel style :

Fresh, elegant and lightly fruity Champagnes frais.

The totality of the gamme is low-dosed (8 gr/l instead of 12 gr/l for a Brut . 0 gr/l for an extra brut instead of 6 gr/l)

So the aromas are conserved and the mineral and white fruit side is highlighted.

Our family exploit 12 hectares mainly located in the Côte des Blancs. The Voirin-Jumel champagnes are essentially from the noble grape of Champagne : The Chardonnay that is well-known for its delicat and floral aromas, as well as for its freshness and its lasting in the mouth. Perfect for the champagne guard. Some Champagne come from an assembly of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, this grape brings frame to the wine and is recognized by its generous aromas of red fruits.

Our status as manipulating Récoltant (RM) forbid us to buy grape, that's why the Voirin- Jumel Champagne comes from the same vineyards.

Our plots are located on 11 villages, at the grape harvest everything (villages, grapes, pressing) is separated for the vinification.  The Voirin Jumel style : Freshness, Champagne of Terroir and a really low dosage (our Champagnes has aged 3 or 4 years minimum ; the acidity naturally decreases and allow to have slightly sweet and very stable Champagnes).

Voirin-Jumel : exceptional crus

Champagne grands crus

grands crus Champagne

The Voirin-Jumel vineyard is mainly classified 1st and Grand Cru

Did you know that ?

In Champagne, the quality of the grapes is classified under levels of the Crus (A cru = a village) : The highest quality is the Grand Cru (17 villages), the nearby villages (44) are classified 1st Cru. The rest as the title "Champagne" without classification.

Made yourself an expert :

Champagne grands crus

Grands crus Champagne

In the 17 Grand Cru villages, 6 are planted in white grape : The Chardonnay, 

and 11 in white-juice black grape : The Pinot noir.

The Champagnes composed from 100% of Chardonnay are called Blanc de Blancs

The Champagnes composed from 100% of Pinot are called Blanc de Noirs.

Conclusion : 

The rarest Champagne appellation is : Le Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs (6 villages on 319)

These villages are Cramant, Oger, Mesnil/Oger, Avize, Chouilly, Oiry.